Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Does A Killer Look Like?

By Matthew Schafer
Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved

When you think of a killer most people think of someone like this:

However most serial killers look like every day normal people. While young black males in the bad neighborhoods of big cities are responsible for the most violent crime, the typical serial killer is a white male. Here I will put up the pictures of some of the most notorious serial killers in America to drive this point home.


Shane Guyton said...

A very small amount of black male teens ever kills. The line above seems to suggest that all black male's teens kill. And a lot of the times it's innocent people many are teens that are killed by them.

Matthew Schafer said...

Shane, thanks for your comment. I disagree with the assertion that what I wrote suggests that all black males in America are murders. Certainly, as you pointed out, very few black males in America commit murder; however it is true that violent crime isn’t something that is evenly spread out all over the country. When you look at published statistics for violent crime it can look like we live in a warzone and it is important for people to know that we actually live in a pretty safe country. The vast majority of the violent crime that occurs happens in a small handful of bad neighborhoods in our major cities and statistics do prove that the majority of violent crime is done by young black males in those bad neighborhoods in those big cities. Luckily for the common person a good portion of that violent crime in drug and gang related so it is criminals focused on other criminals instead of law abiding citizens.